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Our Vision and History

Our Story…

Ours is the story of 3 brothers born in the heart of the mexican wilderness. Our mother would fill the house with the pleasant aromas of her families secret recipes and serve them up for our family after a hard days work.
We would all gather around the table and fill our bellies with the delicious meals she prepared, making memories I will never forget. 30 years later we have brought that same family gathering recipe to Wisconsin. The 3 brothers all started their own restaurants and have been serving happy customers for 15 years now!.

Prepare For First-Class Service.

Our servers are fast and friendly. We will get you seated quickly, bring your drinks and chips and salsa, take your order, and have your sizzling hot food out to you lickity split!


Can’t decide from our many food options? Try one of our combo meals and get variety!


We are not your average mexican joint! We have many specialties for you to try that will bring you back for more!